The Woodland Trust

Publication date:

February 2022

Publication type:

Practical guidance



Document cover for the Woodland Trust's woodland creation guide

This guide sets out the Woodland Trust’s approach to woodland creation. It describes in detail the phases of the process and the principles that we apply when looking to expand woodland and tree cover on an area of land.

Our approach will lead to the creation of new woods and the establishment of trees that are well suited to local site characteristics and the landscape context. Equally important, it will ensure that we embrace the objectives and aspirations of landowners and communities and help to ensure that the Woodland Trust is seen as an excellent delivery partner.

The guide has been produced for use by a broad professional audience. It describes the approach that we will follow on our own estate and where we are directly managing woodland creation on behalf of other. Although titled ‘woodland creation’, our approach covers trees in a range of non-woodland contexts. This includes hedgerows, groups of trees, scrub and individual open grown trees.

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