What is Woodland Carbon?

Woodland Carbon is our scheme to encourage new tree planting that locks up the UK's unavoidable carbon emissions.

Our nature-rich scheme is certified by the Woodland Carbon Code and uses native trees that have been sourced and grown in the UK and Ireland.

As well as locking up carbon, our conservation-led woodland creation scheme helps to transform your land into new wildlife habitat with the added bonus of extra income for you, too.

Depending on the size of your project, you could receive up to 70% of the agreed value of your woodland in Pending Issuance Units as soon as we have validated your project (to be converted into Woodland Carbon Units as your trees grow and sequester carbon). This is followed by 15% at the first successful progress report at 5 years, and the final 15% at the 15-year progress report.

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Source of funding

The carbon capture potential of your new woodland is assessed in Woodland Carbon Units and you'll get paid for it.

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We're here to help

From site design to grant applications, we’re on hand every step of the way including covering costs associated under the Woodland Carbon Code.

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Our scheme guarantees the planting of native trees in the right place, locking up carbon and providing habitats for wildlife.

Trees are our business

We have five decades of tree-planting expertise under our belt.

Why choose to work with the Woodland Trust?

Our experts work with you to create a bespoke project that meets your needs.

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We provide support and advice throughout the whole process including covering the costs associated under the Woodland Carbon Code.

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All of our woodland creation projects deliver positive outcomes for you and your local area, supporting the fight against climate change and aiding nature’s recovery.

How much carbon do trees capture?

Trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere which they use to grow. On average, one hectare of native broadleaf woodland will store 300 - 350 tonnes of carbon over a 100-year period.

How the Woodland Carbon scheme works

We were one of the organisations instrumental in developing the Woodland Carbon Code, so you can have full confidence that we'll guide you through the process.

  1. We'll review your site and discuss your needs with you.
  2. We calculate the amount of carbon you could lock up through new tree planting and propose an offer to you.
  3. Once agreed we'll tailor-make a scheme, just for you, and together we'll sign an agreement.
  4. We will register your site with the Woodland Carbon Code.
  5. Your site will be planted with native trees and validated.
  6. Once your site is validated, the Woodland Trust will receive the Pending Issuance Units (PIU) which will be publicly listed on the UK carbon register.
  7. We'll put together a 5-year progress report on your Woodland Carbon.
  8. We'll put together a 15-year progress report on your Woodland Carbon.
  9. Reporting will continue every 10 years up to 100 years.

How much will I be paid and when?

We will pay 70% of the agreed payment once your site is validated (usually 12 to 18 months after planting), a further 15% at the first verification point 5 years after planting and the final 15% at the 15-year verification point.

Get in touch with our team by email carbon@woodlandtrust.org.uk or call us on 0343 770 5740.

Is Woodland Carbon right for you?

We work with a variety of landowners across the UK.

  • To be eligible for our Woodland Carbon scheme you need to have at least 5 hectares of land available for tree planting.
  • You'll need to prove your land has not been wooded in the last 25 years.
  • As part of our scheme, you'll agree to establish a minimum of 1100 trees per hectare.
  • Permission from the freeholder is required.
  • You'll need to be willing to enter into a long term contract with the Woodland Trust to protect the trees and carbon on your land.
  • You may incur costs towards the creation, establishment and management of your new woodland, but we'll support you by helping you to access forestry grants.
  • You will not incur extra costs for the Woodland Carbon Code registration, validation or verification – this will all be covered by the Woodland Trust.
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Explore our films for an in-depth understanding of our Woodland Carbon scheme, covering everything from planning and planting to payment.

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Chat to our carbon team to discuss your needs.

By email: carbon@woodlandtrust.org.uk

By phone: 0343 770 5740

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Our Woodland Carbon is grounded in science and backed up by decades of experience.