Our comprehensive guide to 31 native tree species includes soil preferences, average height, unique qualities and more. Download now to discover which species are best suited to your needs.

Which species will thrive in your area?

Most trees can grow in a range of conditions, though some will prefer particular soil types. Take a look around your neighbourhood and see what’s thriving for an idea of what might do well.

If you’re planting lots of trees, think carefully about using a mix of native species. UK woods are under pressure from pollution, climate change, pests and diseases. Including a broad range of native tree species will make your planting more resilient to these pressures.

Themed tree packs

To help you select the right species for your needs, our free trees for schools and communities and the tree packs in our shop are grouped into popular planting themes.

From creating a wild harvest and year-round colour to planting for fuel or attracting wildlife, there’s a pack to suit everyone. 

Choosing species for a wood

Our MOREwoods scheme provides a bespoke mix of suitable species for many woodland planting needs. Common reasons for planting on a large scale include:

  • to attract wildlife: native trees with nuts and berries such as rowan, hazel and beech provide food throughout the year.
  • to provide shelter for livestock: native species provide a good source of shade in summer and shelter from the elements over winter.
  • to prevent soil erosion: trees can hold soils firm and improve stability to protect against wind and water erosion
  • for timber production: we recommend species such as oak, beech and walnut
  • to reduce flooding: trees suitable for riparian planting or in a damp field corner include alder and willow
  • for a source of wood fuel: cherry, hornbeam, birch and rowan all burn well.

How long does it take for a tree to grow?

Trees grow at different rates depending on many factors, including species, soil conditions, climate and maintenance. To meet your specific needs, it’s best to speak to a professional.

If you’re looking for quick results, read our blog on fast growing trees for your garden.

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How trees fight climate change

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