Trees work hard for us. They clean our air. They cool our cities. They capture and store carbon. They also provide vital habitat for threatened wildlife. Now your Nectar points can help plant and protect them.

Credit: WTML

Donate 2,000 points to plant a tree

Turn your Nectar points into part of a vibrant new woodland that will provide sanctuary for people and wildlife for generations to come.

Just 2,000 points will plant a tree at Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee Wood in Leicestershire, a young wood in its first flush of glory at the heart of the National Forest. Tree planting began here in 2012 and the wood is already brimming with butterflies, birds and wildflowers. Your donation will allow us to create even more of this precious habitat.

Credit: Edward Parker / WTML

Donate 5,000 points to lock up carbon

Use your Nectar points to protect and restore existing woods and trees for one year - enough to lock away around 1 tonne of carbon.

Atmospheric carbon dioxide is one of the biggest drivers of climate change. There’s too much of it, and without action it will raise global temperatures to devastating levels. Trees play a key role in absorbing CO2 and storing it safely. Your points will safeguard carbon-hungry mature woodland, keeping CO2 locked up in the trees, leaves and soil.

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