We'll work together to look beyond individual sites, connecting habitats across entire regions.

Habitat restoration and woodland expansion across landscapes will play a huge role in addressing the threats we face from climate change and biodiversity loss.

That's where our Treescapes programme comes in. We're working together with partners, landowners and communities to make the landscape-scale changes needed to take us into the future. We're restoring, protecting and creating woodland in focus areas across the UK, planting trees in the right place, and rekindling our love and connection with woods and wildlife at a local level.

What we're doing

Working across entire landscapes takes enormous collaborative input, but brings extraordinary benefits for nature, people and the economy...

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Restoring ancient woodland

Working in partnership with over 600 landowners and managers, we're protecting and restoring thousands of hectares of fragile ancient woodland across the UK. 

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Increasing tree cover

We're promoting the vast expansion of native woodland cover through planting and natural regeneration to make space for nature and fight the effects of climate change. 

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Making space for nature

Nature-friendly habitats will be connected within networks of hedgerows and trees allowing species to thrive and halting the decline in wildlife. 

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We're focusing on priority areas across the UK.

The evidence behind our conservation work

Our work is guided by science and, in turn, continues to build and improve on the evidence base for the future. 

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We adopt a holistic, landscape-scale approach in many areas of our work.