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Hollow, 400-year-old sweet chestnut in Pontypool Park

Credit: Mark Zytynski / WTML

Tree of the year

Congratulations to Pontypool's Old Sweet Chestnut on becoming Wales's Tree of the Year 2019.

Welsh Tree of The Year entries

Bluebells in Brynau Wood

Credit: Rob Grange / WTML

Brynau Wood appeal

Imagine a long-forgotten ancient woodland restored into a sanctuary for wildlife, all against the breathtaking backdrop of Swansea’s famous bay. This is our vision for Brynau Wood.

Help us look after this important site

Aerial view of a forest of green treetops

Credit: WTML

The Big Climate Fightback

Thank you to everyone who took part. If you missed out, it's not too late. You can still fight for the future of our planet.

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Did you know?

Wales is one of the least-wooded countries in Europe. Woodlands make up just 14% of the landscape and less than half of these are native, or broadleaved.

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We own over 100 woods in Wales covering an area of 2,897 hectares (7,155 acres). Almost all of these are available for the public to visit at any time and for free.

To discover these woods, visit our woodland search page.

Did you know?

61,755 trees will be planted this season throughout Wales, donated by Coed Cadw, the Woodland Trust in Wales. We hope a similar or greater amount will be planted next season.

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Spotting wildlife in our woods

Our woods provide precious homes for more wildlife than any other terrestrial landscape. Ancient trees support some of our rarest and most threatened species; hedgerows are vital habitats for many birds; and dead and decaying wood supports countless invertebrates.

Learn about the captivating wildlife species in our woods and the trees, plants and weird and wonderful fungi that together provide them with homes, food and shelter.

Get involved 

There are lots of ways you can get involved with Coed Cadw – some of them in our woods and some from the comfort of your favourite armchair. Supporters generously give us their time, their money, or their voice – working on big projects or really small ones and everything in between. Become a member, support an appeal or campaign, volunteer or come to one of our events. Whatever you do, your support makes us stronger.

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