With just 13% woodland cover, the UK needs billions more trees to tackle climate change and save nature.

We've kicked things off with a mission to get 50 million more trees growing in the UK by 2030. That's more healthy, native trees where they’re needed most. They will become quality woodlands created and managed to help people and nature thrive.

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Keep up with what we’re doing to transform the UK into a healthier, happier place with woods, trees and wildlife. Find out about our life-giving work and campaigns. Help us plant, protect and restore precious woodland. (And see plenty of cute, fluffy animals too.)

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Plant your own tree

You can help by planting a tree in your garden, outdoor or community space. Even a single tree can make a big difference.

Planting a tree in your garden

Add a tree to your world

Plant a tree today and be the change! Every sapling counts. From alder to yew, plant a tree in your outdoor space and help protect us all.

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We are the Woodland Trust

We are the UK's biggest tree champions with a single vision: a world where woods and trees thrive for people and nature.

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We protect woods and trees

We save ancient, precious woods and trees from threats and development. And by protecting them, we ensure they continue to protect us too.

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We bring woods back to health

We restore the health of native ancient woodlands so they can look after us, bolstering ecological resilience to ensure nature and people flourish together.

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We plant more trees

We plant trees and create thriving woodlands, harnessing their power to combat climate change and safeguard nature, ensuring a sustainable future for everyone.