In summer 2020, the Government consulted on its plans for a new tree strategy for England. Thousands of you joined our campaign to make the strategy a bold one, and in May 2021, Government published a new England Trees Action Plan.

Your responses to the consultation urged meaningful targets to increase native tree cover, restoration of our ancient woodlands, and action driven at a local level. As a result, the plan is a big step forward for woods and trees. Thank you to everyone who spoke up for trees. 

The Government also published its response to the consultationThe document details what the respondents said and what the Government has done in response.  

Alongside the plan, the Government also announced that the Environment Bill will be amended to include a legally binding target for nature. This is another big win which follows years of campaigning.  

Your voice continues to make a difference

The full impact of your responses to the consultation is still unfolding. In June 2022, Government published a new Keepers of Time policy document – something promised in the England Tree Action Plan.

The document includes:

  • a new target to put the majority of ancient woodlands which have been damaged by historic plantations in the process of restoration by 2030
  • a commitment to restore all ancient woodland under plantations on the public forest estate.

These commitments to restore ancient woodland have been secured as a result of your action. Thank you.

What next? 

The foundations are in place to achieve the transformative change we need to recover nature and tackle the nature crisis. We must continue to apply pressure and ensure that the initiatives and plans are acted upon and the targets met. Action must happen urgently and must be consistent across Government departments.

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