We are today at Torriano Primary School, in Kentish town, London.

And we've been planting some saplings with the students and the children's author Lauren Child.

Her new book is 'Clarice Bean Smile' and its stems from Lauren's own anxiety around the climate and climate change.

And so she wanted to come down with us today to help, to do her little bit and plant some trees with us, with the school children.

I wrote a little about that in my book called 'Clarice Bean Smile' and in this story, she trying to find a way of connecting with everything making things better.

And she talks about wanting to make a change for the better.

And what she can do. Because she's so tiny on our planet. What can she do?

The reason I started writing this story was because I was feeling very tiny on this planet and thinking what can I do?

By searching out joy I think you begin to rediscover hope

and so I thought I would look at my climate anxiety through the eyes of a child.

And the child I chose was Clarice Bean because I'd written many Clarice Bean books now.

She's been going for 25 years a nd she's now 11. [laughs]

We've been getting out hands dirty. Which I suppose I thought was really disgusting but at the end I thought it was really fun.

You just have to get a little bit of dirt on your hands to have fun.

The idea is that when these get a little bit bigger we're going to move them over to our meadow, where they can grow with our other apple trees and it should be beautiful.

You looking forward to it kids? Yeah [in unison].

The free trees for schools and communities scheme gives away millions of trees every year right across the UK.

And if you'd like to do you bit and plant some trees in your area. Applications are open now.

So, you can go along to the Woodland Trust website and fill in an application form and you'll receive your saplings in November.

I think everyone should think Woodland Trust.

Trees [in unison].

Free trees for schools and communities

We want to make sure everyone in the UK has the chance to plant a tree. 

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