We support an increase in UK woodland cover from its current 13% of land area to 19% by 2050 to tackle the biodiversity and climate crises.

That's how low the UK's woodland cover is.

We want to get closer to the EU average of 37%.


That's how many trees we've planted since 1972.

And we're aiming to get 50 million more in the ground over the next five years.


That's how many tonnes of carbon we aim to lock up in a year.

In our work to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint.

Woods and trees for wildlife

To give nature a fighting chance of recovery, we need to at least quadruple the current rate of woodland creation.

Trees woods and wildlife

Why are trees important for biodiversity?

Woodland is home to a wealth of wildlife. If we don't protect what we have left and work to create woodlands of the future, we stand to lose more than just trees.

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Woods and trees for the climate

We're planting millions of trees and expanding woodland across the UK, helping to put the UK on track to meet its carbon net-zero target.

Climate change

Climate change

Our message is clear: native woods and trees are one of the best ways to tackle the climate crisis. Explore the facts and find out what you can do to help.

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Woods and trees for people

Woods and trees are essential. They're the lungs of our cities, the first in line to fight the effects of climate change, and they are good for our health and wellbeing. We want everyone to benefit from woods and trees wherever they live.

Trees woods and wildlife

Why woods are good for our health and wellbeing

Along with improving our quality of life, woods and green spaces can help make us physically and mentally healthier. 

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Expanding woodland cover together

Our plans for the future are bold, but we can't achieve them by working alone. We influence governments to set and stick to ambitious woodland creation targets and we work closely with landowners, farmers, communities and businesses across the UK.

Plant your own trees

Help get millions of trees in the ground by planting your own.

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