Nature’s recovery remains uncertain

After months of uncertainty about the Government’s commitment to protect and restore nature, we still don’t have the clear answers we need.

Addressing nature’s decline and climate change requires strong regulation, policy and funding. Despite warm words, we still lack the cast iron commitments that will ensure our future includes a place for nature.

What happened?

Liz Truss’ Government announced growth plans that threatened to undo decades of environmental progress. They would leave nature more vulnerable to damage and destruction, including swathes of ancient woodland and veteran trees. Although ministers said publicly that nature would be safe, they would not give us the detailed and specific reassurances we needed.

Thousands of you spoke up to let Government know this was unacceptable. The Sunak government has now indicated it will scrap the proposed ‘investment zones’ that could have allowed development to bypass critical parts of the planning process that protect key habitats like ancient woodland.

What’s next?

A number of key areas remain a significant cause for concern. The Retained EU Law Bill is set to remove hundreds of laws and regulations that provide vital protections for nature, without anything to replace them. Government has also failed to meet its own legal deadline of 31 October to set targets on water quality, species, habitats and tree cover. 

We’ll continue to speak loudly and unapologetically for our woods and trees, and with your help we’ll make Government understand that abandoning nature is not an option.

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