We’re an active member of The Climate Coalition. As the voice for native woods and trees, we need to highlight:

  • the challenges they face from climate change
  • their role as part of the solution in managing its effects.

Climate change, woods and trees

Trees are our most powerful weapon in the fight against climate change. As well as capturing millions of tonnes of carbon a year, our woods and trees help to: 

  • prevent flooding 
  • reduce city temperatures 
  • reduce pollution 
  • keep soil nutrient-rich.

To fight the climate and nature crisis, we need to plant more treescreate more woodland and look after the woods and trees we already have. 

As a member of The Climate Coalition, we work together with a range of NGOs to call for a cleaner, greener world that works for everyone.  

Take action where you live

Celebrate the biggest, greenest week the UK has ever seen by organising an event in your community.

Get involved

Great Big Green Week 2024

8 - 16 June

For this year’s event, The Climate Coalition is asking us all to make swaps every day to help create a better tomorrow. It's a brilliant opportunity to connect with your friends, family and local community to tackle climate change and nature protection. From skill swaps in repair cafes or allotments, to clothes or book swaps, every swap adds up to make a big difference. Get involved and organise a Great Big Green Week event in your community.

Show the Love

Every year around Valentine’s Day, our friends at The Climate Coalition encourage us to show the love for the places, people, and life that we want to protect from climate change. You could plant a tree, send a green heart to your MP, or share a photo of a woodland you love on social media.

Get ready to share your story

Help to tackle climate change

Learn more about climate change, the important role of trees and how you can make a difference.